Professional Soft Wash Cleaning
for Commercial and Domestic

Affordable cleaning solution for cleaning buildings, roofs, and exteriors without potentially damaging high-pressure. It is long-lasting and safe for the environment.

Modern homes have delicate and easily damaged surfaces which need a modern approach to cleaning them. Soft wash is applied at low pressure using a specifically blended biodegradable chemical solution, which cleans your surfaces without damaging them the way high pressure could. This solution will also rid your homes exterior of unsightly and harmful mould, algae, lichens, dirt and grime. Our three stage cleaning process will restore your home to its former beauty, increase its curb appeal and make you the envy of neighbours. Servicing areas of Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, Tweed and Ipswich.

Soft Wash Cleaning Services

We provide a professional soft wash cleaning service with the latest pressure equipment to achieve outstanding result. Soft washing is an innovative and highly effective low pressure cleaning and sanitising treatment using safe eco-friendly 100% biodegradable chemicals. Soft washing reduces the frequency of cleaning required as it kills the spores and roots that pressure washing alone leaves behind providing longer term protection.

Our soft washing system cleans your property and kills any algae or bacteria growth on your house, rather than just blasting it off.

Our expert team offer a range of roof cleaning services suitable for a wide variety of roof tiles and coverings, using only the best soft washing techniques and equipment to guarantee a long lasting, beautifully clean and professional finish by removing unsightly and potentially damaging moss, algae, dirt and lichens. Our roof cleaning process is thorough and safe.

Low pressure cleaning to gently clean the roof tiles or covering guaranteeing no damage or water ingress. Then treat the newly cleaned roof with a specialist biocide product to prolong the clean finish.

Professional shade sails cleaning service, we cleans sails and covers of all sizes. We clean sails in size from protecting a patio in a backyard from the sun, through to sails that have an area that covers basketball court or even stadiums protecting children and adults from the summer sun.

We provide a comprehensive cleaning service washing fabric shade sails and PVC shade sails. We also provide cleaning of pool covers, sandpit covers, external blinds as well as skylight covers.

Through our proven environmentally friendly cleaning process that avoids the use of harsh detergents and chemicals or abrasive scrubbing, extending the life of your sail or cover.

We provide a professional cleaning service for exterior shed including walls and roof.

Our soft washing can clean most surfaces of mildew, dirt, pollutants and stains from the walls of sheds. It’s not expensive and certainly a lot cheaper than having re-painted.

Soft washing kill and remove decades of mildew and algae build-up and restore the walls to their clean state with no damaging effects that pressure washing can cause.

We provide a professional soft washing service that cleans the external walls of your property and bring your walls and other exterior surfaces back to life.

Soft washing is a gentle yet effective method of cleaning the outside walls of a building.

Using environmentally friendly chemicals in conjunction with a low-pressure wash to completely remove all organic matter, dirt, grime, moss, mould and algae.

Why Choose us?

Be assured that you are working with a professional safe and quality company.

  • Competitive pricing and quick response times
    Whether you need to reduce costs or improve service, we’re here to help.
  • Highly trained staff
    Our staff are extensively trained in all our processes to assure you a safe and satisfactory result.
  • Biodegradable and safe chemicals
    We only use biodegradable and environmentally safe chemicals and processes.
  • Public Liability Insured Cover
    Our team members have full public liability insurance, and adhere to the appropriate safety and health standards.

Our cleaning work is carried out to the highest standards by a team of trained and experienced specialists. Our soft-wash and pressure-wash methods, not only give you value for money, but they also produce better results than other methods, meaning you get the best of both worlds. So, if you have a exterior cleaning project and need advice or quotation, simply give us a call for a free quote.

About Us

We are a professional family owned and operated business with many years experience in the pressure cleaning industry. We provide soft wash and pressure cleaning services to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed and Ipswich. You can be confident that we are fully insured and only use products that are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

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