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Eco-Friendly Pressure Cleaning in Brisbane: Residential & Commercial Washing Services

Allie L
Allie L
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Choosing 1st Choice was undoubtedly the right decision for my property's maintenance. As a local family-owned business, their dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction is truly commendable.
Mitch & Calista
Mitch & Calista
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I thought our colourbond roof was going to need to be replaced. It was horribly dirty. Not any more! 1st choice made our home and drive way look like new. We are beyond happy!
 Suzanne Mccorkell
Suzanne Mccorkell
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This is seriously best investment we have made to our 100 year old home. I cannot express how amazing this job was done. We are so stoked! Thank you guys.
Brett Webber
Brett Webber
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A very professional service and an excellent price. Spoke with Jason to let him know what was needed and he went above and beyond to provide an awesome job
Bryce Todd
Bryce Todd
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I had a great experience recently with this amazing family owned business. Such a lovely, coefficient crew as well as a high delivery of remarkable work with beyond measurable efficiency.

We are Brisbane's 1st choice for pressure cleaning, offering a wide range of services.

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Ready to Pressure Clean your property?

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High Pressure Cleaning Brisbane

Our experienced technicians use only approved, safe pressure cleaning methods and equipment. We offer a wide range of services to restore and revitalise your home or business exterior:

  • Residential & Commercial Cleaning: We tackle roofs, driveways, pathways, retaining walls, and more!
  • Oil Stain Removal: Eliminate unsightly oil stains from driveways and car parks.
  • Fast Quotes: Get a free, no-obligation quote today and experience the difference with our pressure cleaning services.

Soft Wash Cleaning Brisbane

Soft washing is a modern alternative to traditional low-pressure cleaning. This gentle method uses a low-pressure mix of cleaning solutions and water to remove dirt, moss, algae, and mildew without damaging your property.

Benefits of Soft Washing:

  • Safe & Effective: Cleans deeply without harming delicate surfaces.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for both residential and commercial properties.
  • Long-lasting Results: Removes dirt, mold, and algae for a fresh, clean look.

Brisbane's Pressure Cleaning Experts: From Large Sites to Driveways

Serious Capabilities

We handle projects of all sizes, from extensive cleaning of shopping centres, business plazas, and pool areas to refreshing patios, driveways, and walkways.

We go beyond the everyday.

If you’ve experienced a flood, our high-pressure cleaning services can restore your property quickly and efficiently, minimising downtime and getting you back to business (or enjoying your home) as soon as possible.


House Exterior Cleaning

Our pressure washing services in Brisbane offer professional cleaning solutions to restore your surfaces to their former glory, leaving them looking pristine and inviting.

Roof Cleaning

Say goodbye to dirt, grime, and moss buildup as we restore your roof’s appearance and protect its integrity for years to come.

Shade Sails Cleaning

Say farewell to dust, stains, and mildew, as we revitalise your shade sails, restoring their vibrant appearance and enhancing your outdoor living space.

Exterior Walls Cleaning

Revamp the look of your home with our exterior walls cleaning services in Brisbane. Wave goodbye to dirt, grime, and weather stains as we restore your walls’ luster, making your home’s facade shine like new.

Pathways & Driveway Cleaning

We remove stains, oil spots, and dirt buildup, as we restore the pristine look of your outdoor surfaces, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your home.

Patio & Pool Cleaning

Cleaning stubborn stains, algae, and debris buildup as we revitalise your patio and pool areas, creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere for relaxation and enjoyment.

Tennis Courts Cleaning

Serve up a winning game on a pristine court with our specialized tennis court cleaning services in Brisbane. Banish dirt, moss, and marks from the surface, ensuring optimal playing conditions and a professional aesthetic that sets the stage for thrilling matches.

Car Parks & Parking Lots Cleaning

Car park and parking lot cleaning across Brisbane for residential, strata and commercial building requiring a trusted parking lot cleaning solution from a trusted Brisbane company.

Commercial & Shopping Centre Pressure Cleaning

Top-tier cleaning services in Brisbane. Cleaning of dust, spills, and clutter, as we rejuvenate your spaces to create an inviting atmosphere for shoppers and tenants.

Prioritising Brisbane Our Customers

Rest assured, you’re partnering with a professional, safe, and quality-driven company.

We offer competitive pricing and swift response times, whether you’re seeking cost reductions or service enhancements.

Our team consists of highly trained industrial pressure cleaners, proficient in all our processes, ensuring safe and satisfactory results.

We prioritize environmental sustainability by exclusively using biodegradable and eco-friendly chemicals and processes.

Furthermore, our experienced Brisbane pressure cleaning specialists are fully covered by public liability insurance and comply with all safety and health standards.

Expect nothing less than the highest standards from our team of trained and experienced specialists. Our soft-wash and pressure-wash methods not only provide value for money but also deliver superior results compared to other methods. For expert advice or a free quotation on your exterior cleaning project, simply reach out to us today.

About Us

Get to know our pressure cleaners

We are a professional family-owned and operated business with many years of experience in the pressure cleaning industry. We offer pressure cleaning and soft wash cleaning services to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed, and Ipswich. You can be confident that we are fully insured and only use products that are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Our Work

Brisbane High Pressure Cleaning FAQs

Learn more about our pressure cleaners

Sourcing residential or commercial cleaning solutions for the first time? Check out these commonly asked questions we get from new clients who want to make sure our services are the best fit for their needs before they sign on.

The sole distinction lies in heat. While a pressure washer expels water forcefully to eliminate grime, dirt, and even paint, a power washer achieves the same outcome using heated water.

A pressure cleaner uses high force streamed water to forcibly remove surface-level and embedded dirt, grime, and residue on hard surfaces like driveways, footpaths, non-porous building materials including brick and concrete, and solid surfaces such as decking, pools, and saunas.

If you’re looking to revive the appearance of your driveway paths and patios or any concrete or hard surface, pressure washing is a great way to do it. One of the first things you should consider is removing any outdoor furniture plants and anything on these areas thus making it easier to make a great result for you.

Further, you’ll also want to check for potential leaks or areas where water may enter your home’s foundation, window frames, or broken glass.

If pressure washing is not done correctly, mould growth may occur. If you use a pressure washer, water may get into cracks, crevices, or areas with poor drainage where it may not completely dry. This is why you need a professional to pressure wash your surfaces, to remove the chance of creating mould. After pressure cleaning is finished, a post treatment anti-mould/anti-fungal spray is applied to stop the return of mould and algae growth.

Very few–the benefits of pressure washing significantly outweigh the dangers or risks. Limited to damaging or moving loose objects that are not securely fastened to the home (such as deck chairs, wreaths, and some plants) pressure washing is an effective and fast way to revive hard surfaces

Whether you’re interested in treating a residential home or commercial building, the 1st Choice High Pressure Cleaning team knows how to get the job done. Serving southeast Queensland communities with environmentally-friendly solutions that are effective and eco-conscious, we can quickly bring life back to your workplace and home.

When rinsing, opt for a high-pressure nozzle, but avoid using it on brick surfaces. Exercise caution with concrete as pressure washers can potentially cause damage. It’s advisable to conduct a test on a less visible area of the driveway before proceeding with the entire cleaning process.

Pressure cleaning harnesses the power of high-pressure water to blast away dirt, grime, and stains, revitalizing a variety of surfaces and restoring their original beauty.

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