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Maintain a Safe and Inviting Tennis Court with Expert Cleaning

Keeping your tennis court clean isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about safety too. Unsightly mould and mildew can create slippery surfaces, increasing the risk of falls.

The Traditional Approach and its Drawbacks

While pressure cleaning is commonly used for cleaning surfaces, it’s not ideal for tennis courts. These courts require a specific level of grit to maintain proper slip resistance. Traditional pressure cleaning can remove this grit, creating a dangerous playing surface. Additionally, high-pressure cleaning can damage the court itself, leading to premature wear and unsightly lines.

Introducing a Gentler, More Effective Solution

1st Choice High Pressure Cleaning offers a superior solution: soft washing. This method utilises a biodegradable cleaning solution applied at a low pressure to effectively remove mould, mildew, and dirt without harming the court’s surface. Soft washing leaves your tennis court with a bright, clean finish and restores optimal slip resistance for safe play.

Safe and Effective Soft Washing for Your Tennis Court

Our soft washing cleaning services are gentle yet powerful. Our experienced cleaners use only approved methods and equipment to ensure your tennis court is sparkling clean without any damage.

With years of experience, our team can handle any cleaning task. We specialize in maintaining tennis court surfaces for optimal performance and safety. Regular soft washing removes dirt, contaminants, and even mold and algae growth caused by environmental factors. This keeps your court looking great and prevents potential hazards or damage that could impact playability.

By establishing a regular cleaning schedule, you can ensure your tennis court performs at its best, fostering safe and enjoyable practices and competitions.

Experience Quality and Value with Our Tennis Court Cleaning Services

Peace of Mind from the Start: When you choose us, you’re working with a professional company committed to safety and quality. We prioritize your satisfaction and ensure all work meets the highest standards.

Competitive Pricing and Fast Turnaround: Need to manage costs or get a job done quickly? We offer competitive prices and responsive service to fit your needs.

Highly Trained and Insured Team: Our extensively trained staff uses safe and effective methods to deliver exceptional results. We prioritize your safety and well-being, with all team members having full public liability insurance and adhering to strict safety protocols.

Eco-Friendly Solutions: We take pride in using biodegradable, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. This keeps your property clean and protects the environment.

Superior Cleaning Methods: Our soft-wash and pressure-wash techniques are meticulously chosen for each project. This ensures optimal results while offering excellent value for your money.

Based in Brisbane, Servicing Logan, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Ipswich

We’re a family-owned and operated business with a long history of providing exceptional pressure cleaning services throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed, and Ipswich. We understand the importance of keeping your property looking its best, which is why we offer both soft washing and pressure cleaning solutions to tackle any cleaning challenge.

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